Tuesday, October 15, 2013

October - 15-2013 - Another post on woods and Mushrooms.

It's something about Nature that it draws you to it. This is a trail at the back of my house. Don't you think it's inviting? The fresh green color and the breeze, with wet leaves fallen on the ground. It is this time of the year when dew drops are very common on leaves and trees. This year we are witnessing a very beautiful Autumn or Fall season. Love all the colored leaves. The play of light and shadow on the leaves makes it even more dramatic.

So this weekend I stepped out into the woods even deeper, looking for mushrooms as this is the season for mushrooms.

I saw this growing on the wood chips. Looked papery and the light falling from above gave this a lighted look.

Shutter Speed - 1/8 secs
ISO- 200

I love the way the bokeh has formed in the background by the shadow and light passing through the leaves of the woods.

Some of the fallen leaves. They can glow in moonlight. All the yellow leaves glow when there is moonlight. Looks beautiful even in the night.

Shutter 1/60 secs
ISO -  100

This is all for now. Have a nice week!

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