Saturday, September 28, 2013

28th September 2013 - Art Prize

This weekend I went to Art Prize - The Art of ArtPrizing - Every year, artists from all over the world fill hundreds of venues all around the city -Grand rapids, with their artwork. The work of most of the Artists was stunning. Here are some of the Photographs I took of the artwork and the city.

This artwork is called Myth Or Logic. It is made of Bamboo pieces, suspended on lines. This was jaw dropping.

A chandelier in the Amway Hotel. Loved the way light shines in the night, each little lamp and each little glass piece throwing light in all directions. I clicked a few of them. This shot is one of the few.

This is a sculpture of Einstien named - "Between Theorems" by Montana artist Jim Dolan. Created from welded steel and powder-coated in gold, this is an exemplary piece of artwork of one of the greatest scientists we've had till now. 

"Between Theorems" shows Professor Einstein throwing a frisbee, taking a moment for light-hearted joy amidst his important work.

This was in the exhibit for 2012 and now placed in Grand Rapids, Downtown. I loved it.

I've visited the Downtown several times and everytime I see a new face. The Grand river passing through the tall buildings and the clouds and sunset give it a pleasant look. 

This picture is of Downtown and the Grand river in the evening with another artwork called the - "Silk waves in the Grand" by AI & Laurie Roberts. These are the rapid waves of silk feathers that fly in the Grand River.

Lucky Dog by artist Ritch Branstrom
is made by 4 Cedar trees, a boat and license plates as siding which are re-recycled license plates of 1930s .

Wish we could get these kinds of things in shops. Would be a nice piece of garden decoration.

A tie collection that was started over 55 years ago, was the inspiration for Gravy Stains.  How creative people can get? You have no idea!

Grand Rapids at night with camera without a tripod and slow shutter speed - the last one in this blog. This is all for this week. Hope you are enjoying your weekend.

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