Friday, October 18, 2013

October 18th 2013 - Animals are great subjects.

A photographer should literally have a backbone. How cheap can one sell? Jokes apart... I mean seriously, having a backbone is so very important for a photographer. I realized this when I fell yesterday, flat on the ground,  on my back, and now have a back pain, not a severe one just a nagging pain which won't let me bend and take pictures. I can sit for a bit and do some work on the computer, that's all. So here's a post with animal shots which I clicked last week. These guys were roaming everywhere in the Zoo.

Shutter speed -1/350 secs
ISO - 100

I have always known from my experience, that animals are the greatest posers and great subjects to take pictures of. So, I went to a Zoo, yes I do not live in a forest to capture wild life.
 I do not have any models that I know of, so I am not very good at people portraits, though, I would like a few models whom I can click occasionally.  Ha! Ha! My family doesn't even want themselves to be clicked. So I am just left with candid shots of them. Animals are my only chance.
Adjacent is a green Lizard.

Shutter Speed - 1/30 secs
ISO - 400
To the left is the King of the jungle - The Lion King. Lazing on a rock with no worries. Could hear an occasional call back to it's mate. This is the most powerful animal after Man I know of, you can see that in it's eyes. Man is even more powerful than any creature on Earth, I believe, not by muscle but by brain. This is why this great powerful beauty is in a Zoo and Man is not. Well, this is what I think, others may differ on this.

Shutter Speed - 1/45
ISO - 100

This is all for now. Hope everyone will stay safe and have a nice weekend.

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