Sunday, November 9, 2014

9th November 2014 - Winter is here.

Winters are here as we have a forecast of snowfall this week. Now you will hear me complaining about the weather for a few months, well, to be precise for six months. At least we have great weather for the rest of the six months. One should always see the half full glass and not the half empty glass.
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As the weather will not always permit photography outdoors one has to find other avenues for indoor photography. One subject never gets boring or out of date and that is Food . Any weather is good for this kind of photography. This post is dedicated to Food photography.

Who does not love to eat. Well, I do and therefore I cook a lot. Most of the times , I get tired while cooking and therefore there is no time left to take a shot of it and also it is consumed so quickly by my family. So, you will see very few prepared food shots. I will try to take pictures from my proper camera. I use Cellphone for my instant recording of a view of food to share with family and friends on Instagram. So, if you are on Instagram you can follow me there for my food adventures and more.
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I had bought mushrooms and peppers and thought that they would make a good stir fry. They are still sitting in my fridge waiting to be cooked after being clicked. :)

The mushrooms give a good color and tone to a picture. Vegetables have so much color and they are good for your health too. The more colorful the healthier they are. We all should eat a lot of vegetables to steer away from cancer, the deadliest killer of these times. I really feel we should be aware of the foods that prevent the cancer from forming in our cells. The free radical damage to our cells down to the DNA level results in some cells to mutate into cancer cells. The harmful chemicals and toxins causes the free radicals to form in the cells which is present in all the processed foods. The antioxidants take away the free radicals formed in the cells. Antioxidants are present in these colorful fruits and vegetables. Color is in so much abundance. Lets just indulge in it.

Okay, that was a lot of science for one day. If you are interested to read more on Cancer here is a link to "Why everyone seems to have cancer." Hope that these pictures would bring freshness and joy in your lives. Have a great week.

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