Wednesday, September 25, 2013

September 25th 1013

This week I mostly worked on  two websites and the rest of the time was spent taking indoor pictures and editing some of the them.

As Summer is working it's way to Fall, these greens will turn into yellows, browns and oranges. Will have to wait for 5-6 months to see them green again. So I clicked a few. These leaves are from the giant Oak trees we have here.

ISO - 100
Aperture- F 8
Shutter - 1/30 secs

I had Photoshop since quite some time but have not been using it for heavy editing. I like to enhance the image rather than create composites.  Digital Photography and Editing cannot be separated.  Some photo purists are strong believers that Photoshopping should remain separate from Photography. I stand in the middle and believe that taking a picture from your camera is 85% of the job and the rest is enhancing your work to make it  more appealing. This is the edit I did this week. I have given the Daisies a rustic look. I am not sure what you think of it. I like it.
ISO - 200
Aperture -22
Shutter - 1/8 secs

This is a hairy leaf which had a shiny look to it. I edited it to some extent .

ISO - 200
Aperture - F16
Shutter - 1/180 secs

This is all for today. Comments are welcome! Hope you all are having a nice week.

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