Friday, August 30, 2013

July-August Pictures

All of July I was on vacation. Had a nice time with Family and Friends. Here is a picture from that time.
I was on an Auto Rickshaw, and believe me, not in a comfortable position at all and  neither stationary - the auto rickshaw was at 40 kms per hour. I used a Panasonic camera for this shot.
Some more info-
  • ISO - 100
  • Shutter Speed - 1/1000 sec
  • F number - 3.1

Back home my backyard was blooming with grapes. This just cropped up when i came back . To my surprise I had never seen this vine before in my backyard. 

Some more info-
  • ISO - 100
  • Shutter Speed - 1/30
  • F number -9.5

A walk to a nearby park in the evening when the weather is good is what an evening should be. This shot is of a covered wooden bridge over a river in a nearby park.

 Some more info-
  • ISO- 400
  • Shutter speed - 1/60
  • F number - 5

And lastly to end this post here is something as fresh and as beautiful as a Sunflower . Happy weekend !

Some more info -
  • ISO - 100
  • Shutter Speed - 1/4 sec
  • F number - 22

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