Thursday, June 6, 2013

June Flowers

A visitor.
The highlight is Nature - bugs, flowers, birds and rain. With a Macro lens I cannot focus on anything else but Bugs and closeups.

Some more info-
  • ISO -100
  • Shutter Speed-1/500
  • F number - F8

Mother bird.

 A bird has built a nest right below my deck and last week I caught the bird with worms in it's mouth. Most probably taking food for it's children. What a delight! The bird is not that pretty but that was my close encounter with a bird and a camera and I was quite happy with the outcome as I am not a wild life photographer. I have to hone that skill. I am not sure what you think.

Some more info-
ISO -160
Shutter Speed-1/160
F number - F2.8

Wild flower.
Pretty wild purple flowers are all I see where there are no other flowers. Love their sight. It rains here off and on, so love to snap them whenever I get a chance. They are delicate, colorful and lovely.

Some more info-
ISO -400
Shutter Speed-1/45
F number - F22

Waiting for other flowers to bloom in my garden.

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