Monday, July 6, 2015

6th July 2015 - Visit to the desert.

The best time to visit the desert is spring time. Arizona feels so pleasant and Utah's arid region so cooling.

This is on the way from Arizona to Utah on the road. For this shot I stepped out of the car and took a picture on the main highway. If that is not thrilling what is. The view was magnificent.

The settings for the image are below the image.

The adjacent image is from Zion, Utah. It is a postcard site. The cool breeze, the cool waters and the greenery of Spring is awesome. I had a feeling i would be coming back to this place again. Last time I was there I felt like spending some more time there. There are so many beautiful places to unwind and view the place made just for you.

Here are a few Spring flowers that were growing in my backyard.

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